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At Ace Auto Repair and Smog, we offer complete auto care service.  Whatever the problem seems to be we will quickly and accurately diagnose it and get your car back up and running safely and smoothly.  


Scheduled Maintenance


Ace Auto Repair & Smog is your dealership alternative in Ventura when it comes to factory scheduled maintenance services for any make or model vehicle. We conduct 30/60/90K maintenance, transmission fluid flush, power steering flush, cooling system service, safety checks, purchase checks, smog test and repair, and much more.


Star Smog Check, Smog test & repair

Here at Ace Auto Repair & Smog we know how important smog checks are not only for our environment but for our cars health too. We are a California approved Star certified Smog test and repair center. Just stop and by and enjoy our quick and honest smog check!


Brake service

At Ace we understand the importance of brakes and we will always give you the honest and best choice for your vehicles. If you hear any squeaking, if there is any shimmy when braking, just bring your vehicle down to Ace so we can check it out! It will save you time and money to take care of the problem sooner than later.


Air conditioning A/C & heating

Whether you need ice cold A/C during the summer or nice hot air during the winter. We at Ace Auto Repair & Smog know how to service your vehicle or diagnosis any problems with those systems. Don't be stranded in this heatwave with no air conditioning! Call to make an appointment


Electrical Diagnosis

One of the most difficult things to figure out on these new age and hybrid vehicles are electrical malfunctions or problems. Ace Auto Repair has the latest diagnosis tools to pin point your problem more accruately and quickly because we know how important your vehicle means. Leave the headaches to us and leave having peace of mind knowing your car is in good hands.

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